The Academy of Value

Foreseen world issues in an urbanised world ask for a new way of education, based on international collaboration. The academy of value has started in 2015 with the collaboration of young people of Singapore and the Netherlands. Key in this collaboration are the short and intensive knowledge-performance-value projects (boosts for the better ) to innovate for society in an urbanised world.

youthful perspective

The academy of value gives value to innovation in education, economy and society. With the preparation and support of the academy-teachers young people show and give their perspective on innovation for a better world.

The education part of the academy of value is especially suited for young professionals (students in higher education, trainees and new employees).

boost for the better

In two short boosts of the better  of ten days each, young people work together on foreseen world issues in an urbanised context. Those projects have been developed and thouroughly improved to get the most out of the interdisciplinary collaboration of young people.