Boost for the better

Students, teachers, school leaders, business management, business directors, employees, governmental leaders and citizens can all be involved in the special boosts for better: enthralling intercultural/interdisciplinary collaboration projects to create educational, economic and societal value for a better world.

21st century

With Boosts for the Better a team translates parts of foreseen world issues to local, scalable, urban solutions.
In the 21st century we are facing complex challenges, world issues, which need new approaches to solve those complex world issues. We also need approaches in cooperation with education to get youthful perspectives. Interprofessional collaboration is key to give meaning and value to urban solutions, a boost to work for a better world.


Boosts for the better are always tailor-made, based on the desired effects, impact and profits that will suit your organisation. An important profit of a boost for a better world is to play an innovative role in your city, region or country.