For Education

The academy of value offers the opportunity to learn in a new, exciting, way. Whether you are a deep thinker, a handy Harry, a dazed or witty, ad rem person or having high or low grades, you are most welcome. The academy of value is based on other assumptions.

do you have the guts?

We do not have standard lessons. We do not have a standard school building. We do not have standard teachers. What we do have are challenges you have to solve with others on remarkable locations. Those challenges are not easy. They are meant to let you grow and discover new comfort zones. And those challenges (boosts for the better ) have to give value to society for a better world. The only thing we ask is “do you have the guts for this?” Because the academy of value is not for the weak-hearted.

improve liveability

Every boost for the better  is based on questions of organisations / companies which are committed to improve liveability in (future) cities. The way you work and learn is not an everyday way. It’s two times of ten days of tough interdisciplinary collaboration, based on our three essential elements of the 21st century: to know, to perform and to value.