As a representative of a commercial company you can participate in the academy of value by bringing in a question for a boost for the better . An international team of students, trainees and/or new employees will create a solution based innovation for economic impact. Of course we need your contribution in funding to execute the boost for better .


As a representative of local government or not-for-profit organisation you can be part of the question or the questioner itself. The impact of the boost for the better will be to improve liveability in (future) urban life.
You can also be the host of a working space in your city or community where young people can collaborate on your social innovation.


Education plays an important role in the academy of value. You can select students who will collaborate with other students in an international, interprofessional boost of the better .
You have to fund in two ways. First you have to give the students the opportunity to experience this special two boosts of the better  of two working weeks each. Second part of the funding is a contribution to the travel and housing costs.